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Karens Consignment BTQ LLC
"Karen’s Consignment Btq. is not only a resale shop with a difference, but also a new and exciting place where consignors receive the best value for their designer clothing and accessories. The personable and knowledgeable staff will help clients discover the resale value of the treasures in their closets. If you’re looking to sweep your closet of those fashion impulses and memories you’d rather not remember and refill it with current trends, bring it in and you’ll have some found cash left for new clothes."

Consignment Basics:

At Karen’s Consignment Btq., we are always looking to pay you to empty your closets. There is always a need for more Hermes, Chanel, Pucci, St John, Coach, Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vuitton clothing and accessories (amongst the other designers we also stock). We take only high-end designers and they MUST be in "good resale" condition. That means no rips, holes, tears, stains, or severe alterations.

If you still think you have something that may be of interest, bring it by the store any day or drop us an email at Karen@karensconsignment.com noting the designer of the item, a brief description and, if you know it, approximately how much you paid for it.

If we think we can sell it, we’ll get back to you with an arrangement for you to either bring the items in or to send them to our store. We consign items for 60 days and you receive 50% of the selling price. It’s as simple as that!

Karen's Consignment Btq's Consignment Policy:

1. Karen’s Consignment reserves the right to reject any merchandise deemed by Karen’s Consignment to be unsuitable for resale.

2. Unsold consigned merchandise is subject to a reduction in Selling Price during our special sale days.

3. Consignment Policy is generally 60 days. Consignee must leave all accepted consignments for their consignment period.

4. Consigned merchandise unsold by the Expiration Date note below, unless reclaimed by consignor no later than 15 days following the Expiration Date, becomes the sole property of Karen’s Consignment without further notice and without compensation. No notice will be given to pick up unsold items during expiration date.

5. KAREN’S CONSIGNMENT retains 50% of selling price as its Commission. Consignment payments are usually mailed on the 15th of each month, or can be picked up in person.


7. Consignee must phone to notify Karen’s Consignment before consignee picks up any merchandise.

8. If Karen’s Consignment dry cleans any items, we may deduct the amount from consignment payment.

9. Unclaimed Expired Items: after expiration date, Karen’s Consignment may either donate the items or may reduce the selling price up to 90% off the starting price without any compensation to consignee.

10. Unsigned agreements are deemed agreed by both parties unless consignee informs Karen’s Consignment of disagreement within 7 days of start date.
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